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Lite Cot


High Cot Home

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Cot One Convertible Coyote Tan

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Tactical Cot One Convertible

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Sleep well anywhere with a Helinox folding camping cot. Helinox cots are constructed from an extremely light and strong aluminum alloy that provides a superior strength to weight ratio. Paired with materials our cots provide a firm, comfortable place to rest with absolutely no sagging! With Helinox, you truly can be comfortable wherever you roam. Shop our range of camping cots to find the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor needs. Our handsome, raised High Cot Home is at home in a living room and will make your overnight guests feel welcome. Need something lighter? Our flyweight Lite Cot is designed for backcountry comfort. And car camping and glamping needs are best met by our convertible cots. Need a little more room? Our Cot Max Convertible is our widest, longest camping cot. Cot leg accessories let you elevate your cot if you prefer a taller bed and all Helinox cots fold down into a convenient carrying case.