Passport TL130 Adjustable (Pair)

The Passport collection of walking poles are ultra-lightweight and perfect for day walking. The TL130 is a folding pole with a super-compact packed size.

  • Tension Lock (TL), folding poles with limited length adjustment via a twist lock section in the grip.
  • Single locking button operation for fast deployment and stowage.
  • Super compact when folded.
  • Long wearing tungsten-carbide pole tips with sharp profile for extra grip.
  • Supplied with rubber tip covers for hard surface use.
  • Shafts made from advanced DAC alloy.
  • EVA foam grips with adjustable wrist straps.
  • Backed by a five-year warranty.
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“Super light, easy to use, and sturdy for activities from running to light backpacking. Love them!” Passport TL130 Adjustable (Pair)

“Super light, easy to use, and sturdy for activities from running to light backpacking. Love them!”

– Eric, Helinox Customer, June 2019

A big step forward Passport TL130 Adjustable (Pair)

A big step forward

Helinox Passport TL Series walking poles are fixed length, ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact, strong and reliable. The TL Series poles are suited for general day walking carrying a light pack.

Through the use of DAC TH72M alloy and clever design, the Helinox TL Series is a big step forward in walking pole technology. These poles achieve entirely new levels of lightweight strength, compactness, operating simplicity and economy - making walking poles considerably more user-friendly than ever before.

Simple & Easy Passport TL130 Adjustable (Pair)

Simple & Easy

Helinox Passport TL Series poles feature the strength of DAC TH72M alloy - the world’s best alloy for poles. The folding design is extremely compact for stowing - ideal for walkers who travel.

TL Series operation:

The Tension Lock (TL) mechanism secures the folding sections together. An internal cord is tensioned as upper section is extended and the single locking button holds the pole sections under tension. The button is depressed for instant tension release to fold and store.

TL130 operation:

In addition to folding sections, this model has a twist lock in the upper handle section. This gives a limited range of length adjustment (117 cm to 130 cm or 46 to 51 inches).

“Your poles are awesome!” Passport TL130 Adjustable (Pair)

“Your poles are awesome!”

– Lukas, Trail Runner.

Helinox TL Series poles are a popular choice for Trail Running. The lightweight design provides propulsion and stability without slowing you down. When folded they can easily stowed in a running belt.

Specifications - TL115

Assembled Packed

115 cm / 45.2 in

35 cm / 13.8 in


156 grams / 5.5 ounces per pole

Suitable for height:

165-175 cm / 5' 5" to 5' 9"

Specifications - TL125

Assembled Packed

125 cm / 49.2 in

38 cm / 15 in


164 grams / 5.8 ounces per pole

Suitable for height:

180-190 cm / 5' 11" to 6' 3"

Specifications - TL130

Assembled Packed

117 - 130 cm / 46 to 51.1 in

37 cm / 14.5 in


184 grams / 6.5 ounces per pole

Suitable for height:

170 - 195 cm / 5' 7" to 6' 5"