Our Sustainability Program

Helinox is a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who recognize the impact our actions have on our environment and society. Our products are designed and manufactured to minimize the footprint we leave behind. Our team is built to recognize that where we are is not where we’ll be. Through trial & error and consistent improvement, we will travel far - together. 

Designed For Life

We firmly believe in the motto: “Buy Quality, Buy Once” and back it up with our category-defining 5-year warranty promise. We design our products to be durable, long-lasting and repairable. We recognize that a bent leg pole should not result in a disposed of chair.

Proprietary Aluminum, Sustainably Finished

The majority of our frames are made from a proprietary and premium quality aluminum alloy manufactured by Dongah Aluminum Corporation (DAC). DAC’s exclusive “Green Anodization” process removes the need for harmful chemicals and the subsequent wastewater needed to dispose of the chemicals post-treatment. The majority of Helinox frames leverage the Green Anodization process and we are working with DAC to move to 100% Green Anodized frames.

Sewn Together

The fabrics we source are BlueSign® approved and almost entirely constructed from recycled materials. By 2023, 90% of the polyester used in our products will come from recycled sources. Our commitment to better fabrics extends to the chemistry for water repellent coatings, most of which are C0 and PFC free.

Track & Measure

Helinox and DAC have partnered with the HIGG index to track and measure the environmental impact of the products we manufacture. We have a Restricted Substances List in place with our supply chain partners. All repairs & warranty claims are tracked for continuous improvement to our products so they can last longer and go further. We are committed to tracking our C02 emmissions to better understand our carbon footprint as an organization.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to fair labor practices across our supply chain. Our design and development team work with third-party auditors to ensure our manufacturing partners adhere to our factory code of conduct.