Playa Chair

Sit back and relax. Extra wide, 36.5 inches tall, and contoured for support, Playa Chair is a hyper-comfortable travel chair that handles any terrain. Its roomy seat supports your neck, back, and shoulders, and the frame’s unique splayed legs help prevent sinking in sand or soft ground.

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Sale Helinox  Playa Chair: Black

Playa Chair: Black


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Rest Easy

Built into your chair, there’s a special place to rest your head. Tuck something soft into the integrated headrest – a puffy, for example – and it turns into a pillow that cushions your head or supports your neck. And you can easily adjust the height so that you get comfort that fits just right. 

Integrated cup holders

To keep your hydration right at hand, Playa Chair features integrated cup holders. Placed on each side, these smart mesh beverage sleeves provide a secure hold for cans, cups, and low profile water bottles. They’re a part of your chair – no added set-up – and you can also use them to stash other essentials like snacks or sunblock. 

Relax to the max

This is the Big Kahuna – our most comfortable, fully-loaded chair. Packable enough for camping, luxurious enough for glamping, you can take it wherever your wanderlust brings you, set a lager in one of the cup holders, then sink into the wide, tall, super supportive seat and just sit all day long. 

Light and Strong

The Playa Chair's frame is built with ultra-lightweight and exceptionally strong DAC aluminum alloy poles. This advanced pole technology was developed for expedition-level backpacking tents and is trusted and relied on by the world’s most discerning adventurers. Helinox is the only furniture brand to use DAC aluminum alloy poles. Hubs and joining components are molded using a high-strength nylon resin that’s carefully engineered to achieve precise, solid, secure pole attachments.