Helinox x Arpin 2018

Using traditional techniques and heritage-listed hundred-year-old machines, the Arpin spinning mill has been manufacturing rare and noble fabrics in the heart of the Alps since 1817. This is Helinox's first collaboration with Arpin and the Chair One Home looks and feels amazing in this 100% alpine wool Muletière. La Muletière takes its name from the original equestrian use where pack mules transporting goods were draped with Muletière rugs. This cloth is prized for the incomparable strength afforded by its long fulling. Produced in Taupe color, the Chair One Home is strong with the soft, natural feel of the traditional Arpin wool.

Helinox x Arpin 2018Helinox x Arpin 2018Helinox x Arpin 2018

All twenty of the super-exclusive chairs produced sold at Le Bon Marché store in Paris. https://arpin1817.com/en/

Helinox x Arpin 2018Helinox x Arpin 2018
Helinox x Arpin 2018

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