Filson x Helinox

Our latest collaboration reflects the storied history of explorers, adventurers & city dwellers who are continually seeking connection with the natural world. Designed within the confines of what can be carried on a motorcycle, our Filson x Helinox collection demonstrates that the products we bring to get out there can have it all–lightweight comfort, durability & dependability.

The juxtaposition of simultaneously searching for community while needing to escape from civilization serves as the canvas for our third collaboration with Filson.

The collection is made up of the Savanna Chair and Table One Hard Top–two durable designs that are engineered with our proprietary aluminum alloy and hard-wearing fabric to ensure reliability in rugged environments. Offered in a limited-edition Otter Green, this standout colorway reflects Filson’s 127-year history as a purveyor of lasting goods for anyone with a passion for the outdoors.

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