Chair Zero Vs. Chair One

Both Chair Zero and Chair One stand as two of the most lightweight, portable chairs on the market. Here's a breakdown of their shared characteristics and key differences to help you determine which one suits you best.


The Chair Zero is the lightest camping chair available anywhere, without question. The award-winning design delivers outstanding strength and support when the weight of your pack is paramount, making it the ultimate essential for backpacking, kayaking, and bike touring. 


Chair One revolutionized lightweight, packable chairs with its patented design, seamlessly blending comfort and compactness. It's your versatile companion for beach days, off-the-grid camping trips, and any adventure in between.

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Every detail is carefully considered to provide you with the utmost comfort in a packable form.


The collapsible frames, crafted from anodized DAC aluminum alloy and proprietary nylon resin hubs, strike the perfect balance between strength and weight


Ergonomic design and reinforced corners ensure sturdy and supportive seating.


Shock-corded poles securely lock the frame, allowing you to settle in within minutes.


We hope you never have an issue, but if there is, we’ve got your back. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects for up to five years from the original purchase date.

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Featuring lightweight, compact frames, both chairs are acclaimed for their blend of strength, versatility, and packability. However, Chair Zero is superior when it comes to compactness and Chair One takes an edge in comfort with its slightly larger dimensions. 


Chair Zero and Chair One are both designed to cater to a wide range of users, but Chair One stands out in terms of weight capacity, supporting up to 320 pounds. This superior capacity is owed to its utilization of bluesign®-certified and recycled 600D polyester fabric, renowned for its strength and durability.


Both chairs offer exceptional portability, ready to accompany you on any adventure. However, weighing in at just over one pound, Chair Zero claims the title of the lightest portable chair available. With an ultralight frame, lower seat profile, high-tenacity aramid ripstop fabric, and even screen printed logos to eliminate unnecessary weight, its the ultimate choice when every ounce counts. 

When it comes to packing up, Chair Zero slides into a sleek cinch bag. Chair One packs into a full case with a convenient daisy chain and webbing handle.




Both Chair Zero and Chair One stand as excellent options for portable lightweight seating, ready to accompany you on your adventures.

Chair Zero, the lightest packable chair available, prioritizes both weight and comfort, making it the top pick when every ounce matters.

Meanwhile, Chair One offers a slightly larger size, durable mesh-paneled fabric, and increased capacity, catering to those who seek additional support without compromising on portability.

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