At the cutting edge

Helinox is the outdoor adventure equipment industry leader. Helinox innovates – others follow.

The reason is simple – Helinox has the most technically advanced and comprehensive research and development facilities.

The Helinox test facility is "state of the art" and the envy of all in the industry. Wind tunnel testing to simulate the worst alpine conditions and robot testers simulating repetitive stressing of equipment in use is daily routine.

Innovation begins in the wilderness – nothing beats actual user experience – however, putting a new concept through a simulated lifetime of stress can speed up technical advancements by decades. This allows Helinox to make the major strides in technical advances while others cautiously add incremental improvements to old concepts.

For example, the unique "rest zone" on a Helinox lever mechanism overcomes the deformation problem caused when a polymer (plastic) is subjected to continual compressive stress. The problem only becomes apparent after some considerable time, but this issue was discovered and solved at the Helinox Lab so that you don't have to deal with it when you're alone and a long way from home.

Helinox is the "best", but always striving for "better". The Helinox Lab produced the lightest and strongest alloy for the world's best outdoor adventure equipment. The Lab is increasing the gap between Helinox and the next best.

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