The best material

The nature of outdoor equipment changed with the development of TH72M – the lightest and strongest alloy in the wilderness.

Titanium is a wonderful material, but no stronger than steel – just 45% lighter. Lightweight alloys are created by carefully blending titanium with aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, zinc etc. The result is a material that has qualities of strength and lightness far beyond any single component. Seven years of intensive research created TH72M – substantially stronger than all previous lightweight alloys.

TH72M also broke through a major technological barrier. Previous alloys have suffered from the phenomenon of "stress corrosion cracking" – a major limitation in small diameter alloy tube. Thicker walls were required on small diameter tube to overcome the problem. The extra wall thickness added no extra strength – just extra weight. TH72M was developed to eliminate the issue. Small diameter alloy tube can now be produced at optimum wall thickness (but only if it is TH72M).

TH72M is both STRONGER (due to superior mechanical properties) and LIGHTER because it can be produced at optimum wall thickness.

What about carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber or "graphite" has excellent strength to weight characteristics. It is, however, brittle. Carbon fiber lacks the robustness required in the wilderness. Even a small impact can create an invisible hairline crack that eventually produces a sudden and dramatic failure. Experienced adventurers avoid carbon fiber where unpredicted dramatic failure could be a major inconvenience or even dangerous. The first choice for robust reliability is TH72M.

Lightweight tent poles are subjected to incredible stresses. TH72M by DAC is the first choice of pole material for the best brands of lightweight tents.

Alloys are "anodized" to protect the surface. This normally requires the use of acids. The unique TH72M surface treatment process uses no acids. The TH72M "green anodizing" also produces more durable protection and improved appearance - WIN WIN WIN!

Helinox products are engineered from TH72M.

LIGHTER and STRONGER and GREENER – the Helinox advantage.

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